Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 First Instrumental Beat For Sale (Erbyday DrunkbyTequila)

Finally 2014 has arrived! So is my career upgrades. I've been studying all my ass off on Music and Video Entertainments. Sleepless nights and all those eye-bags I've been saving. This my friends, the first 2014 Instrumental Beat of mine and It's for sale for the lowest price you could ever get.

         This is just a beginning for 2014 though. I've alot for you guys. Do listen for my very first Singles which will be release in the end of the month January 2014. Anyway, do listen to this Dope Piano Instrumental and mail me at

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There are also works going on my Youtube Channel :

I'll be posting my musical movements with my sickest crews. Also I'll be doing some 'Social Experiments' as well. So Subscribe me on Youtube, Follow me on both Twitter and Soundcloud, and mail me with for the sickest beat ordering.

Much love,

Monday, 2 December 2013

The City's Creative Arts Festival at Urbanscape 2013

(P:s- This was supposed to upload last week, apologize:).)

My weekend ends at Urbanscape with the hottest people and one of the best performance. I would say it was also one the best Festival on 2013. Although I was just a lighting crew for a small part of this Festival, I get to experience this 'fucking' awesome performance! Not only that, the people there are freaking awesome and hot as well! These are some of the pictures I get to capture on Sunday.

This Shots was taken in the afternoon. It was freaking hot and we were 'hunting' for shelter at these time.

This is the alcohol drinking area and VIP Lounge

This is the stage. 

And this was pretty much at night. Where we worked hard, and you guys partied hard !
The stage and the VIP Lounge at night with lights.

Alcohol Area.

This was from the VIP Lounge at the top

This was the last picture where everybody going back home :(

The tag I wore for the day.

I got this before we packed our equipment by a pretty lady, with her number at the back. :)
 A two seconds video shots:)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My One Of the Best Instrumental Beat I've made.

This Instrumental was such a Starting point I had.  Arambam Theme Instrumental Beat By Tequila.
 I've been doing only Instrumental Beats for a year and I've got an opportunity  to make music for few short films back then. This music was one of the Instrumental Beats that I successfully sold. This is a theme music that I made for a short film called "Arambam". Toodles:)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Beat For Sale !!!!!!!

Another Instrumental is For Sale People!
Do check that shit out and Order now by emailing your details and name your price. Email me at Or you can even tweet me on twitter (@tequila.ila). Toodles:)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Learning The Sony Vegas Pro 12

So I just bought Sony Vegas Pro 12, and it is freaking awesome. At first, I was like a small baby just got his first toy. Don't understand whether to bite it or to wiggle and throw that toy. Most of the transition were not even in my dictionary. It took me almost one month 31 days of Youtube Tutorials, Google Searches, and few downloaded written tutorials for me to get myself ready for the real deal. I've never even thought that I would be so interested in learning this video editing tool as I thought music is just enough for me. Well, I guess I was at the wrong lane all these years. I want to try this software out by doing my first teaser for me and my crew's upcoming singles, "Raasathi". All I need is an extra long three legged stool and a handycam for time being. For lighting, I think I'll use some of my flashlights. And Baaaam!!! No wonder there are lots of "Youtubers" out there!! Toodles.